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How Can You Use Fire Glass Crystals?
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In most cases, fire glass crystals sit atop a flame. The flame has been specifically designed to hold them. You can surf the Internet to find numerous examples of fire glass used in tabletop fire pits. With these equipment, you just need to pour the fire glass pebbles into the pit, and simply turn on the gas.

Since fire glass is translucent, it can easily create an exceptional look when it glitters and shimmers under a clear night sky. Even flames rise up around the fire glass in a specific way that makes it appear aesthetically appealing. In fact, it looks like the fire glass pebbles are on fire.

As mentioned earlier, fire glass pebbles are available in a wide range of colors, including blue, orange, yellow and green to set the tone that perfectly matches the interior design of your home. It is quite easy to surf the Internet and learn more about how fire glass looks when the real flame goes with different colors, including Onyx, Topaz Gold and Aqua.
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