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Everyone loves a beautiful home
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Did you know that a driveway, walkway and porch typically dominates 25-30% of the square footage of most front yards?

Many homeowners invest their time and money into their home w/ landscaping, painting, window treatments and more.

After spending all that time, energy and money on all of the things that make your home beautiful, why not consider the final touch of sprucing up that old gray concrete driveway and walkway? Whether your concrete is new or old, cracked or stained...or even discolored, a Pebble Stone Coatings surface will enhance the look of your property and add value as well!

Unlike typical overlays that have the thickness measured in mils, our stone surface is 1/2" thick, with a higher psi strength than concrete.

With an unprecedented 3-year renewable warranty included on all new installations, we stand behind our work. We offer the only surface with a warranty that can be extended, which will guarantee the protection of your investment.

\We offer free estimates and we are more than happy to help guide you through the design process.

Our customers are always amazed at the transformation of their property.

A Pebble Stone Coatings driveway or walkway will simply improve the entire appearance of your home!
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